Motorised Blinds & Curtains

audio distribution and audio integration

Automate & Control Blinds & Curtains

Our system provides control options for popular motorised window blinds and curtains driven by Somfy motors and Q-motion motors. Integrate your curtains and blinds with our system and control them from one interface.

Blind Voice Controls.

Whatever your preference is, voice activated options are available via Amazon Alexa or Google Assitant. "Hey Google, raise living-room Blinds!". "Alexa lower family living room blinds!". You do not have to lift a finger in this case. Just speak!

Integrate with Other Systems

Program your window blinds to automatically lower once it's dark outside. Your window blinds can receive instructions from the HVAC system to lower the blinds on a hot sunny day, dim the lights to 30% & cool the room to 22 degrees celcius.