Home Cinema & Home Theatre

hd tv and video distribution

Surround Sound, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X

Immersive surround sound effects with options for dolby atmos and dts:x effcts to give you a pure cinematic experience right in your home. Subwoofers that are sure to rock your wold while you sit back to enjoy your favourite movies & shows in the cinema.

Local Movie Library

Our cinema system organises your local movies into a beautiful library with cover arts, movie summaries, IMDB ratings, genre, casts with subtitles and so much much. Think of it as your private local Netflix that works without the Internet.

Motorised Projector Screen & Lift

Optional projector screens and projector lifts conceal your screen and projector when not in use. Select and application that requires the use of your projector and screen and they will be unveiled immediately.